To elevate the conversation in Talent Acquisition by hosting local events and providing online resources that allow TA professionals to share best practices and network.


To help TA leaders become more successful on an individual basis, while elevating the TA function within organizations around the globe.

If asked, every CEO would say that their talent is their greatest asset. However, organizational structures and budgets do not typically align with that message. This was the case twenty-five years ago in tech. CIOs and CTOs were considered back-office employees. Today, they report directly to their CEO, as their effect on the business’s bottom line becomes more and more obvious.

TALK strives to increase the visibility of TA and highlight its importance in each organization. Together, we can help Talent Acquisition leaders make the same transition that tech leaders have made over the years. If people are the company’s greatest asset, then TA is the most important department!


Membership is comprised of in-house TA and HR professionals who are thinking about their Talent Acquisition challenges at a strategic level. This typically includes management and senior management within TA, senior-level HR professionals that oversee the TA function, and HR generalists that run Talent Acquisition alongside the full suite of HR disciplines.

While junior TA team-members are not expressly excluded, the conversation is not generally focussing on the day-to-day candidate search. TALK events cover major strategic topics in TA like diversity and inclusion, cutting-edge technologies, and how to organize your internal TA function. If you feel like you have something to contribute to the conversation, we encourage you to apply.

As TALK focuses exclusively on in-house challenges, membership does not include vendors, consultants, agencies, and people not currently serving in an in-house TA or HR position.


There is no cost or obligation to be a Member of TALK. The TALK platform has been developed on a volunteer basis, and local events are organized by volunteer Board Members in each chapter.

The Platform

TALK provides an online platform where members can join, invite others, connect with peers, network, and conduct in-line private chats to get quick and confidential help from peers.

Members can start discussions in their local chapter or reach out to national members to that might share challenges that do not exist among local peers.

TALK is also a full event management platform. Board Members can schedule events directly on their local TALK page. Members and vendors can suggest an event, but they need a Board Member to sponsor and schedule it.


The TALK platform keeps members informed about local opportunities to meet up with personal invites and reminders.

Events can range from informal outings or roundtables at the corporate HQs of local members to more formal dining events at local 5-star venues.

These latter events are typically hosted and paid for by Sponsors, who are generally thought-leaders providing admired services to the TA industry. Sponsors are expected to address subjects that enlighten the Members and improve TA results. Each TALK Chapter can decide which Sponsors to invite and what type of event to host with them.


Member contact information is not shared or sold, even to sponsors. There are no public profiles, meaning only other members of your local organization will know that you’re a member, and they can only reach out to you through the platform.